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Also see our Strand Lighting Users page for information on current software, mauals and cheat sheets. PDF cutsheets open in a new window, or right click to download.

200 Series 12/24 or 24/48 Consoles

The new 200 Console is available in a 12/24 and 24/48 channel configuration. Each console features two scene and single scene operation with two pages of Submaster memories and 24 effects with up to 99 steps each. The 200 series also features a matrix patch allowing dimmers to be patched to multiple channels allowing for incredible flexibility in an entry level console. Optional monitor available and memory cards available.


Catalog Number
GSL# 60264312 12/24 Console
GSL# 60264320 24/48 Console
GSL# 60264326 Compact flash data card
GSL# 60264327 Optional video card
300 Series Manual/Memory Console

300 series consoles are ideal for small to medium sized applications where power and flexibility are required. Available in nine standard formats, this family of consoles is configurable through multiple tile configurations and optional purchased software upgrades. The 300 console runs on the exact same operating software as its predecessor the 500 series, the proven Lightpalette/GeniusPro software. Available in options ranging from 50 channels with 24 Submaster to 600 channels with 120 Submasters, this console can grow with your program. Call for more information or a demonstration today.


Catalog Number
GSL# 60295701
GSL# 60295702
GSL# 60295703
GSL# 60295705
GSL# 60295707
GSL# 60266304 300 Series video card (optional 2nd output)
GSL# 60266305 300 Series network card
*See below for additional accessories

128 submasters for hands-on control of lights, groups, effects or just about anything, subPalette is the console for live shows, TV production and tours.

With all the power of Palette, and the incredible flexibility of all those faders and bumps, you'll be plotting, programming or just plain winging it with equal ease.



Catalog Number
GSL# 60291806 subPalette Memory console with 250 ch
GSL# 60291807 subPalette Memory console with 500 ch
*See below for additional accessories
500 Series / Lightpalette

Fast, responsive and intuitive, the 500 series consoles offer exceptional control for automated and conventional systems. All 500 series consoles offer the user a choice of Lightpalette Command Line/Tracking style operation or GeniusPro preset style operation. Each console includes a track ball and four encoder wheels for easy control of intelligent fixtures while the robust software gives ultimate flexibility whether you are running a single console or networking multiple consoles to run a single space or entire facility. The 520i portable console features 24 Submasters, 2 automatic/manual playbacks, two graphical LCD displays and outputs for two monitors. The 550i is the largest of the Strand desks with 54 Submasters, 2 Grand Maters, 2 multifunction wheels, 3 graphical LCD displays and support of up to 6000 control channels. Also available as a back up show controller.


Catalog Number
GSL# 60295981 520i Console with 500/400 channels
GSL# 60295982 520i Console with 1000/500 channels
GSL# 60295985 550i Console with 1500/500 channels
GSL# 60295988 550i Console with 6000/2000 channels
*See below for additional accessories
300/500 & Palette Console Remotes

Command line control for both the Strand Lighitng 300 and 500 series control consoles are available in either wired or wireless options. These units are perfect for use as foucs remotes, design table patching and remote console playback.


Catalog Number
GSL# 60266130 PDA Wireless Ethernet Focus Remote Unit
GSL# 60266131 Wireless Ethernet Base Station
GSL# 60296471 Crossover Cable
GSL#67531 Wireless software package for Customer Installation
GSL# 60266145 R140 Wired Remote Control
SN 110 ShowNet Node

Strand Lighting's ShowNet Ethernet network system has defined and proved the standard for TCP/IP networking of lighting control. This ACN ready protocal allows for the distribution of up to 16 universes of DMX over a single Cat5 Ethernet system. The SN110 node is the access point and is compatable with all 300 and 500 consoles.


Catalog Number
GSL# 60265110 SN110 Remotely powered DMX network node
X Connect Designer's Remote

X Connect Designers Remote software works with 300, 500 and Palette series consoles. It allows any PC or MAC running XP or OS X to function either as a designers remote video monitoring or login as a seprate user allowing full access to the powerful Lightpalette and GeniusPro software. Software comes installed on a portable USB drive.


Catalog Number
GSL# 60267525 Designer's Remote USB Key (xConnect)
Accent DMX

Two, four and eight preset control stations with individual preset fade times which can control up to 48 dimmers per room. The total system can include eight rooms with eight stations per room. A wireless infrared hand held programmer is provided with each station for simple programming and remote preset access. Each station includes raise and lower mastering as well as secure fastener free faceplates. Accent control stations transmit DMX which allow for a wide rage of uses including running dimmers of different manufacturers, intelligent lighting, external relays and any equipment which conforms to USITT DMX standards.


Catalog Number Cutsheet Manual
GSL# 60263200 8-Preset station supplied with IR Remote
GSL# 60263201 4-Preset station supplied with IR Remote
GSL# 60263202 2-Preset station supplied with IR Remote
GSL# 60263203 IR Remote (spare)
GSL# 60263206 Accent DMX Power Supply
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