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We carry a full line of paints, additives, and coatings to make your scenery look great and be safe.  If you have questions about applications, directions, and proper usage please don't hesitate to call our experienced sales staff at any of our three locations.


Turning Star produces six varieties of flame retardant products. The products are non-toxic water-borne solutions that are applied by spraying. rolling, padding or imersion. The chemicals are clear and do not change the aesthetic value of the materials. Each product has been tested for the most stringent applicable fire codes to maintain effective quality control. Each of the products is available in one quart spray bottle and one gallon bottles except for the paint additive which comes as an 8 oz bottle for mixing with one gallon of paint. PDF info sheets will open in new window.

Intended Material
GSL Part Number
Natural Fibers
651011 / Gallon Tech Data
  651012 / Qt MSDS Sheet
Synthetic Fibers
651021 / Gallon Tech Data
651022 / Qt MSDS Sheet
651031 / Gallon Tech Data
651032 / Qt MSDS Sheet
Paper, Cardboard, etc.
651041 / Gallon Tech Data
651042 / Qt MSDS Sheet
Raw Wood
651051 / Gallon Tech Data
651052 / Qt MSDS Sheet
Paint Additive VE231
651061 / 8oz. Tech Data
651062 / 12 pack MSDS Sheet

Inspecta-Shield by New York Fire-Shield

  Independent testing standards have proven that Inspecta-Shield provides unsurpassed fire-retardant protection and has been recognized by Fire Code Officials across the United States. Coverage rates shall be followed as recommended by the manufacturer and which have been established through independently recognized testing facilities and UL test criteria guidelines. Inspecta-Shield is good for use on the following products. Available in gallon units GSL #390001.

Natural fibers 

■ Synthetic fibers 

■ Upholstery 

■ Carpeting 

■ Draperies 

■ Wooden building materials (lumber, etc.) and other wood products

■ Decorative Products 

■ Paper 

■ Displays 

■ Stage curtains 

■ Mattresses 

■ And much, much more... 


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