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Grand Stage carries a wide range of bubble, foam and wind machines. Please call for more information on fluids and applications.

Bubble Master - Ultratec

The Bubble Master is a professional and durable machine that is capable of producing enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere. It is built with hi-tech, roto-mold plastic that prevents corrosion. The Bubble Master is also equipped with high power fans that offer a variable speed control which allows for greater flexibility in the bubble projection.


Catalog Number
GSL# 43320000  
B-250 Mini Bubbler - Chauvet DJ

The CHAUVET® DJ B-250 is CHAUVET® DJ's mid-level bubble machine, designed for larger areas, where portability remains a top need. It features an all plastic construction to prevent rust and lower weight, with an easily removable fluid tank. This unit is a mobile DJ's workhorse.


Bubble King - Chauvet DJ

The CHAUVET® DJ Bubble King™ is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. When you need bubbles for a large area, or complete bubble coverage of an area, this is as good as it gets.


Little Blizzard - CITC

The Little Blizzard Snow Machine®creates a dry falling (floating) snow with our Little Blizzard Snow Fluid. Disperse with a fan (Hurricane II).  The best for creating floating flakes that stay airborne four times longer when using Little Blizzard fluids (Super Extra Dry, Extra Dry, Dry and Dry 100).


True North Snow Machine - Ultratec

This machine is capable of producing a light, fluffy snowfall, to a raging snow storm. By simply adjusting the variable level control - 100% control is achieved. This is possible due to the carefully formulated, dry environmentally safe True North Snow Fluid. The secret is in the fluid and we are extremely proud of this first in snow making production.


Super Foam Dome - CITC

The new Super Foam Dome is finished in "theatrical black" and puts out a whopping 500 cubic feet per minute! Fill a 20' x 20' x 6' pit in less than 5 minutes. It has an improved modulator for thicker, higher output, a high powered quiet fan, and a strong pump. Add colored lights for pink, blue, etc. foam! Super Foam Dome includes a 25' hose, pump, hanging bracket, safety banner, goggles and gloves for mixing concentrate, C-Clamp, Safety Cable and instructions. Use on non-skid areas only. Indoor/outdoor carpet suggested.


Versa Fan - Ultratec

The Versa Fan is a compact, heavy duty fan that is versatile, small and powerful. It can be used in many applications, pushing fog or haze, blowing bubbles or distributing snow evenly across the stage. It incorporates a ratchet, positive locking positioning base for quick and easy use. This unique design makes the fan user-friendly and packs into a very small package. It comes with a built-in variable speed control and can also be controlled by an optional DMX interface.


Hurricane Fan II - CITC

Blow fog, haze, snow, wind to 150'! Tilt 300 degrees, swivel 360 degrees. Three speeds; three seconds to top speed. Blow massive volumes of air without motor hum. Continuous output without overheating. Lightweight, portable, and economical. The Hurricane II is a full hp and can blow to 150'. Both can now be on/off controlled with our Universal DMX.


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